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Equipment Matters

At DaleyFitness, we provide our members with advanced, top of the range equipment that caters for all our members’ requirements. Whether you are looking to undertake a precise workout for a particular look, a heavy or light session or even rehabilitation, we have the equipment you need.

Our qualified and experienced instructors are experts in using all of our equipment and can provide instruction on how to maximise your workout to achieve the results you are looking for.

We also have our ‘Old School’ gym, where our members can train as Daley did (the only difference being that we have heating and air conditioning!). We can’t promise you a gold medal but we can promise results!

Our state of the art InBody machine takes precise body metrics including your BMI and muscle mass etc. in order for you to accurately measure your progress.

New for 2018 is our tyre flip machine – find out how this piece of kit can seriously enhance your workout and offer you real performance benefits.